Our Vision

A connected Iranian diaspora that

embraces diverse identities and

lived experiences.

Our Mission

Connecting the greater

Iranian diaspora through

learning, relationships,

and joyous experiences.

Our Guiding Principles

Community Growth
We believe in nurturing and expanding our community, fostering connections and collaborations that enrich and empower the Iranian diaspora.
Non-partisan, Non-religious
Our commitment is to remain unbiased and inclusive, focusing solely on our mission without political, religious, or financial influences.
Evolution through Education
We believe in the transformative power of learning, embracing education as a key tool for personal development and societal progress.
Human-Rights Focused
Our actions and initiatives are guided by a deep respect for human rights, advocating for fairness, justice, and dignity for all individuals.
Independent + Autonomous
We operate with independence and self-governance, making decisions that best serve our community’s interests without external control.
Inclusive + Diverse
We celebrate and encourage diversity, creating an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued, regardless of background or perspective.