Camp Javan & Camp Ayandeh

Nurturing Leaders, Building Community

At Camp Javan (for rising 7th - 9th graders) and Camp Ayandeh (for rising 10th graders - recent high school graduates), we cultivate more than just a summer program — we nurture a sense of belonging. These camps offer young members of the Iranian diaspora a transformative journey of self-discovery, leadership, and deep community connection. More than just summer activities, our camps are about creating a profound sense of belonging, where campers are not only united by shared experiences but also by the celebration of their differences. Here, the spirit of acceptance is paramount. Campers find a second family, an inclusive community where everyone is valued and respected for who they are. It’s a place where differences are not just acknowledged but are seen as the threads that weave our diverse tapestry, creating lasting bonds and a true sense of acceptance that enriches their lives far beyond the camp experience.


We warmly invite new campers and staff to join us! Our Camp dates for 2024 are:

  • Camp Javan (July 12-17, 2024)
  • Camp Ayandeh (July 10-17, 2024)


Chosen for its welcoming environment, exceptional facilities, and proximity to LAX, being just about 30 miles away, Whittier College offers our campers a unique opportunity: for many, it’s their first taste of college life. The college boasts a well-equipped cafeteria, ensuring nutritious meals for our campers in a true college dining atmosphere. Alongside, the campus provides an ideal blend of top-notch educational resources and beautiful outdoor spaces, creating the perfect backdrop for both learning and recreation.


Applications are welcomed on a rolling basis until March 2024, with our Camp Team reviewing each submission within two weeks. To learn more about our applications and to apply, click on one of the links below:

What Makes Our Camps Special?

Our camps provide a critical experience for Iranian-American youth, marking their first steps into independent living. A Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) consisting of educators, industry leaders, and experts are working meticulously on designing a profound camp schedule and curriculum. The curriculum strikes a balance between leadership, social-emotional skills development, cultural awareness, and professional growth:

  • Leadership and Communication: Fostering essential skills for future leaders.
  • Personal Identity and Cultural Awareness: Delving into our shared, hyphenated Iranian experience.
  • Community Building: Creating a supportive environment that cultivates a strong sense of belonging.
  • Professional Development: Offering career exploration workshops and communication tools.

Each day at Camp is strategically planned, balancing workshops, group activities, and restorative periods, nurturing every aspect of our campers' growth.