Camp Javan

Rising 7th-9th Grade

Workshops on identity, cultural awareness, and peer relationships

July 12-17, 2024

Camp Ayandeh

Rising 10th-Recent Grad

Workshops on identity, personal development, and leadership

July 10-17, 2024
At Camp Javan and Camp Ayandeh, we cultivate more than just a summer program — we nurture a sense of belonging. These camps offer young members of the Iranian diaspora a transformative journey of self-discovery, leadership, and deep community connection.

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I didn’t really know what I was missing until I went to camp and built these friendships with other Iranian American kids. I went back to school and felt way more confident in my Iranian heritage.

- Tala


If you’re at camp, you can’t ignore this sort of organic community that arises there. Being able to share in that space - I was able to find connections - it had a really big impact on me and my sense of identity.

- Arian


Camp Ayandeh has been one of the most influential parts of my life. Not only did I go back every year - but to this day a lot of my closest friends are from that space and we regularly keep in touch.

- Sepanta


Want to be involved?

You can apply to be a counselor or organize a workshop for camp, or if you’re looking to volunteer year round, you can apply for staff.


What does your tuition cover?

  • Accommodations
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Program Supplies
  • Campus Facilities
  • Staff Support
  • Wellness Support
  • Transportation
  • Memorabilia

Tiers (Family Income)



Tier 1 (<$50k)

$585 $765

Tier 2 ($50k-75k)

$720 $945

Tier 3 ($75k-$100k)

$900 $1,170

Tier 4 ($100k-$150k)

$1,080 $1,440

Tier 5 ($150k+)

$1,300 $1,755

Full Tuition

$1,620 $2,160
Understanding the varied financial backgrounds of our community, we've established a tiered pricing structure. Tiered camp tuition has been proven to encourage participation from families who are often discouraged due to high program fees. This approach allows families to contribute according to their annual income, ensuring that our camps are affordable and accessible to a wider range of participants.

We offer scholarships for those who require additional financial assistance: Apply Here


Who are the camps designed for?

  • Ayandeh welcomes anyone who self-identifies with or wants to build community with the Iranian diaspora. No knowledge of Persian (Farsi) or any pre-existing connection to the Iranian heritage is required. Programming is in English and all cultural references are explained and translated.
  • We currently primarily serve those living in North America due to our organization’s location.

Where will camp be held?

  • Whittier College in Whittier, California about 30 miles outside LAX. The insulated campus is far from the city and offers a private, comfortable environment for our program’s enjoyment.
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What does a typical camp day look like?

  • A typical day will start with breakfast and a camp-wide morning check-in.
  • Then campers will engage in small group workshops until lunch.
  • After, everyone would break out into different small groups for culture workshops or perhaps a trust-building exercises, like the Human Knot.
  • Then, we might get together for a larger activity — like a game of Iranian dodgeball (Vasati) — before some downtime or reflections about the day’s theme.
  • Once we’ve had dinner, campers and counselors will gather in a common space for an informal community activity, for example an Iranian comedy movie screening or an open-mic night where all can share their talents.

What meals are provided? What type of lodging is provided?

  • Three meals per day will be served every day with snacks available throughout the day. With advance notice, special meals can be prepared for those with dietary needs.
  • Then campers will engage in small group workshops until lunch.
  • Camps will be housed in Stauffer Hall, used exclusively by our program, which is traditional dorm style with two people per room and larger shared bathrooms per floor.

Are parents/guardians allowed at camp?

  • Families are welcome for drop-off and pick-up. Given that camp is the first time away from home for many, we understand the difficultly of allowing distance. A healthy amount of independence is critical to adolescents’ growth and development.

What if my child wants to come home early?

  • Homesickness is a normal experience, especially if it’s your child’s first time away from home. If your child expresses conventional homesickness, we will allow opportunities to call home and provide one-on-one support. In more extreme situations, we will work with families on a case-by-case basis to evaluate the best plan forward.

What if my child has special medical needs? What type of medical care is available?

  • Upon being accepted to camp, you will receive a series of forms including a detailed medical records form to share all important information about your child’s health needs.
  • Ayandeh has a Wellness Staff member on site at all times and multiple individuals who are EMT certified. Whittier College also has an on-site Health Clinic available to our programming at all times. In case of emergencies, there are multiple hospitals within a ten mile radius including St. Francis Medical Center and PIH Health Downey Hospital.

What safety parameters are in place at camp?

  • Whittier College has a robust Campus Safety team on-site during our programming. We are working with Whittier College staff to develop a comprehensive safety and emergency response plan specific to Ayandeh’s programming. Please contact us with any further questions.

What are the disciplinary policies at camp?

  • Camp norms are communicated on the first day so all are aware of what ways of being are expected. Ayandeh applies restorative approaches using re-direction and dialogue upon first infractions. If undesired behavior continues, the case will be escalated to Camp Leadership.

What is the best way to keep in touch with campers?

  • We absolutely understand the importance of keeping parents informed and updated during the camp sessions. We will be posting daily on Instagram and will share photos of campers in action with headlines from the day. If your child has a cell phone, you may contact them, however they will not be permitted to use personal devices during the day.

Have More Questions?

Contact us at camp@ourayandeh.org