Our Progams

At Ayandeh, we bring our mission to life by addressing the diverse and constantly evolving needs of the Iranian diaspora with integrity and compassion. Our programs are crafted to be accessible, inclusive, and acutely responsive to the needs of our community.

Initiatives Rooted in Community Insights

2023: A Year of Listening and Learning

In partnership with the San Francisco State Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, we engaged in a series of focused discussions and surveys in the summer of 2023, involving nearly 100 stakeholders. This diverse group—encompassing parents, young adults, past and prospective Camp Ayandeh attendees, and those excited about our future—played a crucial role in shaping our programming, underscoring our dedication to transparency and decisions informed by the community.

Forward-Thinking: 2024 and Beyond

Camps Ayandeh and Javan: Scheduled for July in California, these camps are meticulously designed for youth empowerment and cultural connectivity, embracing our principles of education and human rights.

Looking ahead to late 2024 and early 2025, we are actively developing innovative programs that reflect our unwavering commitment to community growth and representation. These future initiatives, currently in the ideation and planning stages, are poised to further enrich our diaspora's experience and engagement.

Principles Driving Our Programs

Our programs are a reflection of Ayandeh's guiding principles. They are inclusive, diverse, and respectful of all identities and experiences. We constantly evaluate and evolve our initiatives based on a comprehensive framework:

  • Program Attributes: We assess the target audience, effort, reach, and sustainability of each program to ensure its long-term impact and effectiveness.
  • Community Needs and Impact: Our programs are responsive to community needs, actively fostering youth engagement, and promoting a decentralized power structure and community-centric mindset.
  • Cultural and Ethical Considerations: We steadfastly uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion, respect cultural representation, and ensure accessibility in all our initiatives.
  • Strategic Growth and Evaluation: Growth goals, program lifespan, evaluation mechanisms, and feedback are integral to our continuous adaptation and improvement.